How to fix stuck or broken garage doors

How to fix stuck or broken garage doors

Your garage is supposed to prevent trouble by keeping your car safe from the elements (and from thieves), but sometimes garages have problems of their own. Garage doors won’t open, refuse to lock or age and warp. Here’s how to solve garage-door dilemmas.

We always recommend using an experienced technician to do any adjustments or maintenance to your garage door, but here are some simple tips to keep you goin

manualInoperable Motor

The power to your garage is out, the door is shut, and you need to get your car out or you’ll have to take a bus.

The quick fix
You’ll notice a cord — usually with a red handle — dangling down from the guide track that the opener uses to open and close the door. This is the manual override. Once pulled, it allows you to open and close the door with your own power in the form of a little elbow grease.

adjustmentSticking Doors

Cold weather has stiffened the mechanism of your garage door opener and caused it to lose power.

The quick fix
Most garage-door openers made in the past 15 years have pressure adjustments for both raising and lowering. Check and adjust these settings seasonally to keep things running smoothly.

Squeaky Doors

You can fix squeaky doors with general purpose lubricant such as INOX, WD40 RP7 or similar lubricant. The trick is to find out where the noise is coming from. Most times you will hear the noise in one area and others will be right in front of you.

Sectional doors: Lubricate the springs above the door, all of the hinges, wheels, and motor pole.

Roller Doors: Lubricate the tracks and springs(inside the drum) if you can get to them.


**NOTE** DO NOT LUBRICATE WITH GREASE. over time the grease will coagulate (harden), and cause the moving parts to bind and it will make it harder to open and close your door