Network CCTVPole mounted Wireless IP CCTV

We provide the best IP CCTV imaging on our camera systems which are second to none, by using the latest IP technology. With IP cameras the image is sent digitally accross network cables / wireless connections to ensure the best image is transmitted, there is no haze, static with IP cameras.

Brands we service and maintain all brands of cameras. some are AXIS, KOBI, HikVision, Swann ETC.

Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, our CCTV system will meet your needs.

You benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with HDTV/Megapixel resolution – which come in different forms to fully meet your requirements.

Areas we cover with our CCTV are Commercial, Government, Schools, by providing these industries with the best solutions for their needs and future proof the installations.

CCTV installations can reduce or prevent damage or theft to property. You can benefit from insurance premiums with selected insurers.

HikVision LogoLicense Plate Recognition

We are proud to present you some of the most advanced software available for embedded IP/Network cameras.

Available as a server side or camera embedded application, our License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution delivers unprecedented accuracy in the most diverse conditions. Exploiting state of the art plate localization and character recognition algorithms, the application supports license plates on stationary or moving vehicles at speeds up to 65kph depending on the camera’s angle and lighting conditions. License plates can be read on cars and motorcycles at a maximum distance of upto 40m and at angles up to 35 degrees, horizontally or vertically, from the camera’s center.

With the use of either an IR or white light LED illumination, ipConfigure LPR supports both day and night conditions. Captured plate data can be used for numerous applications including: parking enforcement, parking permit control, vehicle inventory, parking lot security and access control, stolen vehicle recovery, expired registration enforcement, city-wide surveillance, service station drive-off prosecution and more.AXIS LOGO

An on-board license plate watch list within eLPR flags matched plates from a user-defined watch list. When tags are detected they are compared against the watch list from which I/O events or e-mail alerts can be triggered.

Remote Monitoring CCTV

There are times where you require monitoring of remote places or eqipment where there is

no office and no cables to link back to a DVR or monitoring device.

Now we have the solution.

Our Remote Monitoring CCTV devices can be setup to existing DVR’s & NVR’s or just be monitored by a smart phone from ANYWHERE in the world where there is a 3G signal. They can be mounted any way or any structure and send footage 24 hrs a day.

Temporary cameras are sometimes required in place of a static guard to protect equipment or a premises. Our cameras can be integrated with microphones and loud speakers to warn off any would-be theif. We can even monitor these cameras for a monthly fee, 24 hrs a day or just for the evening or at night time.

Our monitored cameras have some of the highest resolutions available with 1080p Full HD capabilities. So you will not miss any details.

Contact us today for your system integration requirements.