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Recently the importers of the Aprimatic have stopped supplying this quality brand in Australia. Aprimatic was sold through a number of businesses, and there are a number of sliding and swinging Aprimatic operators which will need some repairs at some point. Seeing that there was poor support for the brand, and us having a strong. We have formed an alliance with Aprimatic in Italy to help support their products in Australia, please contact us for help on your Aprimatic operator.

There are some Aprimatic operators which are not available any more, but not to worry, as we are able to source, and fabricate custom parts for your operator.

Company Profile

ONDA 801 INDIANAPOLIS DETALLEFounded in 1985, the Company soon made a name for itself in the market due to its supply of high-tech solutions and the wide range of products for automatic handling of swing and sliding gates, garage doors and barriers.

In 1994, the partnership with Giesse, leader in the sector for manual opening of aluminium doors and windows, and the takeover of Unimotor, specialist in producing window operators, allowed Aprimatic to further develop its range of products.

Now Aprimatic offers a complete catalogue of automatic solutions for the most varied building opening and closing requirements.

In just a few years, Aprimatic has become one of the leading international producers of automations. About 50% of its turnover comes from abroad, where it has a highly-efficient commercial network consisting of company branches, distributors and installers.
Aprimatic has its own company branches in Spain, France and England and can assist its customers the world over thanks to its highly-efficient distributor network. In Italy, Aprimatic boasts an important commercial network consisting of professional installers covering the entire country.

In 2003 Aprimatic signed a strategic, operational and financial partnership agreement with  Urmet Group, one of the main actors in the International Telecommunication Market, Domotic and Security Systems Market.

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